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Realizing vision


Using AI based computer Vision we teach machines to see and understand the world.

As your partner for AI, we support your company all the way from identifying innovative use cases and developing them based on current AI research to operating the final solution.

Leading companies trust in kaitos

Connecting Dots


We know how to build AI

.. and would be glad to share this with you

​Your company  has no experience with AI projects yet? Or you have already taken the first steps and would like to see what else is possible?

We have broad experience ranging from the implementation of initial projects all the way to complex research projects. We know the challenges  and best practices from data acquisition to going live. And we are happy to share these insights from our AI projects with you.

Tailored to your individual needs

Die Mauer der Ideen


Feasibility analysis and offer

Once a use case has been identified, we determine the expected data and implementation effort and estimate the expected performance. Finally, we create a project offer for you.


Optimization and Stabilization

If the prototype is promising, we start optimizing and stabilizing the AI model. The AI is trained on a large data set and the approach is refined. This is where most of the work happens. At the end there is a finished AI model that can be used according to your wishes.



Would you like to see what is possible with AI in your company? Or do you already have a specific use case in mind? We advise you on possible areas of application and the feasibility of your ideas.


Data collection and prototype

Together we compile the required training data. At the same time, we develop the optimal solution. We test the most promising approaches and create a prototype for you, which we present to you in a joint test run.


Delivery and Aftercare

How do you want to use your AI model? On your own servers or in the cloud? As a Docker container or natively? We optimize the model and, if necessary, take care of the necessary software peripherals. If problems arise after delivery, we will take care of them and adjust the training parameters if necessary.

Are you interested in testing product examples from our portfolio?

With a test access to our vehicle registration scanner fahrzeugscheinDIGITAL you can get an idea of the performance of our developments. If you are interested, we look forward to hearing from you.

What our customers say

2019-09-Portrait Querformat-2092.jpg

"Since we already knew from our experience that good content recognition for vehicle documents is very challenging, it was clear to us that a purely OCR-based solution would not be satisfactory. The implementation of the vehicle registration certificate recognition using deep learning technologies was carried out according to our requirements with recognition rates of over 99.5%  very well implemented. In the meantime, this project has even become a successful, independent product with fahrzeugscheinDigital, including a long-term partnership with kaitos.”

Thomas Auer, Managing Director of KÜS DATA GmbH

Dorotheenstraße 26, 48145 Münster 

+49 (0) 251 37 96 83 83

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