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Quality control

Automation in production

2 AI developers

Project duration
4 months

Product success
 Complete process optimization including patent application for the customer

Quality control in production

We have optimized quality control in production for a large industrial company. For this purpose, we have developed an innovative AI system that determines the alignment of the products on the conveyor belt at high speed with millimeter precision  and thus enables optimal alignment of the products for labelling. In this way, the quality of the external view of the products could be increased and subsequent corrections or rejects reduced.

Our services: Consulting, AI development, deployment, continuous development and support

Technologies used : CNN, camera system,  deployed on site on taylored hardware system

Alignment of the cans with millimeter precision is possible

Processing at production speed for inline correction

Works for different camera systems, setups etc.

Abstrakter Planet

And how does it work?

At the edge of the assembly line, the production line is filmed using a specially installed high-speed camera system

Image creation

The products on the assembly line are checked with millimeter precision and at production speed for deviations from their optimal alignment and any necessary corrections are issued.

AI-based orientation detection

The products are automatically diverted as required and put back on the assembly line in a new position.


The products, which are optimally aligned for labelling, are now labeled according to the desired high standards.

Optimal labelling

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