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Abstrakter Hintergrund

Route screening

AI-based surface classification

2 AI developers

Project duration
3 months

Product success
Automation of manual processes  within the WiR Solution software 

Route screening

Together with WiR Solution GmbH, we have created an AI for the automated classification of areas on images, e.g. for classification according to lawn or asphalt. While this classification to determine a possible route routing was previously carried out image by image of people, this development allows the process to be automated and thus relieves employees of this repetitive task. 

Our partner: 

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Our services: Consulting, AI development, deployment and support

Technologies used : Image classification via CNN and FNN


"By working with Kaitos, we were able to identify and implement automation potential in image recognition. This has sustainably optimized our processes. In the future we will continue to rely on Kaitos to further develop our technical planning and get the most out of it."

Frank Ribbers, Managing Director, WiR Solutions GmbH

Over 99% correct classification

Only 1 second instead of 1 minute

Replaces manual efforts with complete automation

Abstrakter Planet

And how does it work?

Image creation

Surface images are made by camera vehicle

AI-based classification

The filmed surfaces are segmented and classified according to previously predefined classes, eg asphalt, green area.

Embedding into existing software

This classification is automatically adopted within the planning software of the WiR Solution.

At the end of the process, a fully classified surface analysis is available for route routing.

Product success

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