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Expertise and Services


​AI is new territory for you or your company, or you would like to see whether artificial intelligence can be used in a targeted manner at all. We are happy to help:

  • AI introduction for your company

  • Joint development of use cases

  • Rapid prototyping - so you can quickly see what is possible and what is not.​​​


We not only build the artificial intelligence and place it with you, but also support you along the entire path until it goes live with our IT know-how:

  • Hosting in the cloud or at your location

  • Docker and Kubernetes

  • Development of further microservices and pipelines, e.g. for continuous learning of the AI, for the certifiability of the application, etc.

AI Technologies

Our core competence, data creation and processing, development of AI architectures and training of the AI - tailor-made for your application:

  • Active learning for efficient label creation

  • AI models for explainable AI

  • CNN, RNN architectures and many more

  • Deep Autoencoder, Beam Search Decoder

  • Development and optimization of loss functions ​


We won't leave you alone even after you've gone live. If you wish, we can support your team and continue to maintain the software for you:

  • security updates

  • Long-term further development and optimization on new data​​​

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Dorotheenstraße 26, 48145 Münster 

+49 (0) 251 37 96 83 83

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